Sunday, July 4, 2010

Soul Searching

I've recently slumped back into my funk. I had a fabulous vacation with the hubs...and now 4 weeks later I'm mopey and depressed as all get out. So I've decided to stop being a negative Nancy and change my views of life and things. I've decided to make some goals for my lifestyle and my life in general. I'm going to work on a bucket list so to speak as well. So I have things to work towards, to let me know that I'm moving in life, and not just standing still while everyone passes me by. But First I'm going to work on me, and change a few things that I've been wanting to change, and maybe become the person I want to be. Starting with...

Loose the weight I put on after having Kaylie.
- Exercise daily
- Take Bailey for one extra long walk a day
- No more take out!

That is a huge daunting task for hopefully I can at least get in a routine of exercise and eating healthy.

Work on my photography.
-Take pictures of something at least once a week.
- Get to know my camera better.
- Look into classes you could take.

Spend more time with my husband.
-this ones pretty self explanatory.

Well thats it, those are my goals for now. It's time I started enjoying life, and moving forward, instead of dwelling in the past and letting it drown me.