Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo Pass Pictures!

A few weeks ago we got our Disney Photo Pass pictures in. This is the first time we actually got the photo pass CD, or any photo pass picture for that matter. We decided ahead of time that we were going to splurge on it this time. So anytime we saw a photo pass person, we got that picture! Here are some of my favorites!

Project Life

So every New Year I debate on trying the picture a day challenge, or also known as Challenge 365. Last year I even started the challenge but sadly only lasted a few weeks. This year I stumbled on a similar challenge, yet less stressful. It's called Project Life. I take photos throughout the week, sometimes everyday, sometimes not. And I include journaling cards about each photo or event that happened that week. Becky Higgins, the creator of Project Life, sells these super cute core kits. They have coordinating inserts for journaling and what not. I purchased both the Teal set and the Cobalt set, as they go well together. I'm still waiting on buying the page protectors I really want as they are sold out, but I did get some others. I have two weeks completed so far, and I'm working on the third. Here's what I have so far!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


A couple of months ago I was approached by an online scrapbook magazine and asked if they could publish one of my layouts! I was super excited! And this month the edition of came out with my page in it! Check it out here: Below is the layout I had published.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Top 12 Favorite Memories of 2011

1. Disney World of course! We has such an amazing time this year, probably our best vacation to date!

2. We met some amazing people this year. After many years of knowing Ingrid and Elmer online and becoming vlose friends, we had the opportunity to have out with them for a full week. Of course this was Disney World as well, but I thought it deserved it's own number. :)

3. Mihai and George. They were our wait staff on our Royal Caribbean Cruise in April. They really were so awesome and nice, they made our entire cruise. Chuck and I still joke today about some of the sayings they had, and their lovely Romanian accents.

4. I got to see my high school best friend for the first time in years. She came to Austin for a visit with her family and we were able to drive down and see her. I am so glad we did!

5. For the first time in my life, I set off fireworks! Well I mostly watched Chuck and his sister Alicia set them off, but it was the first time I had seen or done anything like that. We just don't do that where I'm from!

6. Beautiful Jamaica. On our 2010 cruise we had such an awful experience in Jamaica. This year, we didn't get off the boat there as we wanted to relax. But the view from the ship was so amazing. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

7. Snow in Dallas! More than once! But there was one particular week were we had tons of ice. It was Super Bowl week actually. The last few days of that week it snowed like Chuck has never seen before down here! I loved it! We got 6 inches and it felt just like home to me.

8. This last summer we had renovations at work. They transformed our office into...well an office! We now have a conference room, cubicles, and even a break room for the crews! It was a physical notation to see just how fast we have and are growing.

9. For my birthday the awesome people at work got me a gift certificate to Texas de Brazil. There is a big long running joke at the office with me and this restaurant. For the longest time I called it Texas State Brazil. So for my birthday, I got to go there, and it was AMAZING!

10. We moved! I'm not to fond of the house we are in, but we did move out from our little apartment into a small house with a backyard for the pups!

11. Getting my piano and corner cabinet. My company moved these down from Ohio for me. It really solidified that this is where my life is going to be.

12. Planning for 2012. :) My husband has lots of plans. He is officially starting his own business. We went to the courthouse and registered the name a few weeks ago. His best friend is moving back to run it with him. I am so excited for him and all of their plans!

12 Hope, Dreams, and Goals for 2012

1. To go home to Ohio for a visit! I haven't been in over two years!
2. To lose weight. I know, it's cliche, but I really want to do this.
3. To get pregnant.
4. I want Chuck's business to succeed so that his dream comes true.
5. Learn to manage my stress! Chuck says I am always super stressed.
6. Leash train my dogs.
7. Get a fancy camera.
8. Do more geocaching! I want to double my found count this year!
9. Get a new car.
10. Find a house that I love, that we can live in until I can talk Chuck into buying!
12. Get my piano tuned, and brush up on my skills.