Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Suprise for me!

Yesterday my husband did a wonderful thing. He got me a surprise. :) I came home to see two hanging baskets of beautiful vibrant purple petunias on out patio. I have been talking about how I wanted to get some flowers, and about how when we move in a few months I would love to have a flower garden. I was surprised he did so well in picking the flowers! They don't need too much sun so they are perfect for the porch. I love petunias, and they are my favorite color!

This month I have entered a new challenge on Its a photography challenge that gives you an assignment every month as well as an interpretive word. This month the assignment is a black and white photo of a flower, to show the contrast. I used my new petunias for this and am very happy with my results. Now just to do the interpretive word portion...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Austin Mini-Vacation

 This past weekend Chuck and I drove down to Austin for a few days. My best friend was visiting her family there, and I wanted to see her since she was so close! It had been almost two years since I had seen her! Our trip started off pretty rocky and we left hours later than planned. But we still had a good weekend!

Friday morning we met with Shawna and her husband Ryan for breakfast/lunch. After chit chatting for awhile at IHOP, Shawna wanted to go shopping. So we scoped out a decent mall to hang out at! It also had a darn nice view of the city!
 After our visit with my friend we spent the rest of the day shopping and then watching the hockey game at a bar. Since we were in Austin I just had to visit one of Texas only two Archiver's. I had saved all of the money I received for my birthday from my family to spend here, and boy did I have a good time. And Chuck was a great sport about it! He followed me arround holding my basket while playing his game boy lol.

The next morning we went to check out the capital building before heading back to Dallas. It was much bigger than I had expected! We went inside and got to wander around even. The Senate and House of Representatives areas are open to the public at all times. Even when in session you can go in and watch and listen. The building was very neat!

 Then we headed home. We stopped to get a few geocaches a long the way to help break up the trip. We had a really good time and lots of fun!