Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365 - and so it begins. Day 1 - Green Line

So I decided to do the project 365. I origionally heard of this thing on Basically you take a picture each day of the year. Easy enough. On the project on that forum, you have to scrap your page. Which I love scrapping, its my thing, but I didn't really want to scrap this. I wanted it to be more about the photography and getting to know my new camera and working on my skills. So I joined a Flickr group for the first time, and decided to post my pics here as well. So here is yesterdays!

Day 1 - Green Line
 This is a picture of the tracks of the new Green Line for the DART in Dallas. This is the closest stop to my apartment of all the DART lines.

 In other news, one of Chuck's best friends came to visit for New Years! His girlfriend is visiting from California and we had been dying to meet and get together. She wanted to see a little bit of Dallas, which is why we were on the DART on New Years Day to begin with! We had a great time hanging out! They are coming back next weekend to hang out some more, and I hope to get to spend lots of time with them in the future!


Cyndy said...

Great Day 1 pic!