Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kennel for Bailey

My weekly AGC challenge was SUPER hard this week! We had to use 10 buttons, 9 stitches, 8 brads, 7 flowers, 6 stickers, 5 papers, 4 rub ons, 3 coloration items, 2 photos, and 1 journal block. No more, no less! All week I'd been thinking about this and thinking about it. Finally I just sat down and found some papers that went together and tried to work with it. It all came together really nicely I think. I'm not too fond of the rub ons, but I had a limited supply to work with. I used some paint this time too. I really really really like how it turned out. I painted the edge of the LO, as well as one of the paper strips, and some of the flowers. I also inked quite a bit. I inked 3 of the papers. One I did the whole thing in red. It really helped mute it down a bit and match the other papers. I really love the effect it had.

The LO is about my puppy of course. We bought a kennel for Bailey to use while we are out of the apartment. She was just chewing through everything! Chuck got in the kennel with her to show her it was her spot and so she wouldn't be afraid of it. She loves it now. She sleeps in it all the time. The hardest part is keeping the cat out of it!


Amanda Sevall said...

Love that you got a picture of him in the kennel too! I wish I had a picture of that from when our dog was a puppy. My husband used to crawl in there with her -- it was funny. Cute layout!