Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rainbows and Love

Well it's been awhile since I have posted. Work has been insane! We are getting to the busy season and they still can't get another CSR to help me out! We have gone through two so far in the last month. The first just did not work out, and the second, my friend Jessie, injured herself so she had to decline the position. My manager had some interviews today so hopefully he talked to some good candidates! Luckily I go on vacation in two weeks! So every time it gets hectic I just remind myself in a matter of days I will be on a boat in the Caribbean.

We have been having a ton of rain and windy storms here as of late. The other day there were beautiful rainbows in the sky. It's hard to see in the picture but there is actually a double rainbow. They eventually progressed into two full rainbows. I just love rainbows! :)

Now on to scrapping! I've never tried a vintage style LO until this one. I found this photo of my Grandparents. My mom has a site that she keeps lots of her pictures on, and sometimes I like to just look through the old ones and see what I find. Anyways! I love this picture of her parents. My Grandfather, PaPa as we called him, was probably the best man I knew. I know I'm slightly partial to him, but he genuinely was a good man. Something I always was amazed of was my grandparents love for one another. They always seemed so in love. So I wanted to make sure I did this photo justice. I printed it out and it sat on my desk for over a month until I finally had an idea of what I wanted to do. I did lots of distress inking around pretty much every edge. I threaded the ribbon through the paper twice, it seemed too thin threaded through once, and then I put those cute metal brads in to cover up where I threaded it. The lovely peach flower is a prima, and one of the layering pieces is from it's packaging. I really like how it turned out!


Alison Richardson said...

Pretty picture & layout too :)