Saturday, March 26, 2011

Texas De Brazil

Recently it was my birthday. And for my birthday some of my coworkers did something awesome for me. At lunch time I was surprised with a cute bright blue balloon with some candy in a mug, and a gift card to Texas De Brazil! I was totally blown out of the water here! So surprised and delighted! I felt so appreciated by my friends and coworkers. My boss Scott always talks about how great this place is, and for the longest time I thought it was called Texas State Brazil. On the gift card he crossed out the De and wrote in State lol.

So tonight I put that gift card to use! Chuck and I went down to the Texas De Brazil in Addison. I think he was more excited than me!

First you eat at the salad bar which has over 50 items they say. They were all unique items too. Olive salad, fresh cheeses, marinated mushroom, sushi, shrimp, salmon, lobster bisque, and various other items. After you were done with the salad bar you were to get "meat". You had this little paper coin per person at your table. One side was green, one was red. Every time you wanted meat you flipped over the coin to the green side. Waiters with suers of different meat would walk around and drop some off at your table. Chuck was in HEAVEN! The picanha was my favorite!

We even had desert. Our wonderful waitress, Gina, heard Chuck mention this was my birthday dinner. She brought out my desert, creme brulee, with a pink candle in it. It was very nice! We had an awesome time!