Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lake Lavon - 4th of July Weekend

So I did have some other fireworks fun besides just going to see the fireworks this year. We went and shot our own off. I'm not talkin the smoke bombs and sparklers I've always done growing up as a kid. But real, big, sparkly, bangin fireworks!

Every year it seems there are three fireworks stands on Lake Lavon. You go out there, buy some fireworks, and launch them in a field they provide. Sounds safe enough. There was EMT, and firemen, and police officers there. All legal! So we went out late one night this weekend, bought us a couple packs, and set some off with Alicia!

Now, it is a freaking' war zone out there! Kids running in the field setting things off, people not watching where they are shooting things, people shooting things at others on purpose....but it was fun. The smoke was incredible from all the fireworks. There mist have been HUNDREDS at the field we chose. The smoke was so thick, driving up you couldn't even tell where we were crossing the lake!

We stayed out there for about two hours I think, lighting a lot of small things. Then when we were ready to go, we launched our big kit, "Fade to Black". Sure, it wasn't the biggest kit there was, but it was still really neat! Short, but neat!