Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Yummy Scrappy weekend!

This weekend was all rainy and yucky outside! So of coarse I got lots of scrapping done! I got caught up on a few of my AGC LO's even!
Chuck and I took this pic on New Years Day this year. Our first pic of the year! He does humor me with my picture taking sometimes haha! For our weekly AGC we had to go to and have it choose 5 numbers for us, and then use the corosponding tecniques! Mine were to use pink and orange, some type of distressing, use buttons, doodle, and have a family member pick something to use. I asked Chuck of coarse and he came up with beads. So I used a string of block beads I had in my ribbon box. I love love LOVE that background paper from Paper Studios! Thats where I got my pink and orange from mostly, as well as the buttons are pink and orange. I crinkled up the orange paper matting the photo and inked it. And then doodled dots on the big red bracket. I had a lot of fun with this LO, all the bright colors and such. I did find it challenging to use so many techniques at once, but then I guess that's why I joined the challenge, to push myself!

On a completely unrelated not, Chuck and I are trying to eat better and exercise more. Exercising is easy with Bailey needing lots of walks. But Chuck is pretty bad about his eating habits. So I looked up some new recipes and tried a few. Last night we had Gorgonzola and hazelnut chicken with endive salad. It turned out really well surprisingly. It was a Rachel Ray meal and it was super easy to make. Tonight I mad cod with couscous and fresh vegetables. Chuck loved it. So far it seems we are on the right track. We got some scallops and lamb to try cooking even. Although I have no idea how to cook lamb haha! Guess we'll see how that goes tomorrow!


Tracy S said...

Great job on the LO! I love the use of the beads. Looks like you put a lot of time and detail into this one. That and YAY! Your comments are working

oh P.S. I am a hockey fan as well :)