Sunday, April 11, 2010

There Goes Our Hero...

Last week my husband and I went to the last home game for the Dallas Stars of the year. We were playing the Anaheim Ducks and we managed to get center ice seats behind the stars about 9 rows up. It was a particularly speacial game as it was possibly the last game at American Airlines Center for 3 beloved players. Mike Modano and Jere Lehtinen will most likely retire, and Marty Turco, my personal favorite, will probably be signed to another team. The energy in the areana was amazazing. It was unlike any other game I have been to.

Every time a play stopped they would show some sort of montage on the jumbo tron and the crowd would cheer. Modano has been the face of the Stars since they came to Dallas, and is without a doubt the most loved player. Near the end of the third period, during a particular Modano montage, the crowd stood and cheered. Clapping and screaming. All the hockey players, including all the Ducks, stood and hit their sticks against the ice. Even the refs were clapping. This went on for what felt like 15 minutes, although I'm sure it was about 5. Modano fought back tears...biting on his lip, but eventually they came. After trying to compose himself with no success he eventually stood and waved to the crowd, causing them to erupt in louder cheers then I thought possible.

The game continued from there. With variations of cheering and chanting for all three players. Modano tied up the game in the last two minutes and we went into overtime to a shoot out. There Lehtinen and Modano scored winning the game, while Marty let in no goals. It was the perfect game for all three men.

Even if it truly wasn't any of the guys last game, I will always remember it. For the emotion, the true die hard fans, the perfect plays, the awesome center ice seats, and for seeing tears an so many men's eyes, including my husband's, as they watched their hero for probably the last time.


Tracy S said...

Hubs and I are hockey fans too.. Although we love the Houston Aeros. :)